Adobe Flash Builder


We have three modules on Adobe Flex:

Adobe Flex 4.5: Developing Rich Client Applications – Level 1

Developing Rich Internet Client Application provides experienced application developers with hands-on, practical experience using Flash Builder 4.5. This four days course introduces developers to all the primary features of Flash Builder 4.5 they’ll need to know in order to build a fully functional, well architected front end for a Rich Internet Application (RIA).

Adobe Flex 4 & LiveCycle Data Services 3: Data Driven Development – Level 2

F4DDD is a 2 day comprehensive introduction to using Livecycle Data Services 3 with the Adobe Flex 4 framework. Emphasized topics include:

  • Messaging, remoting, and web services
  • Performance profiling and unit testing
  • Client-side data manipulation
  • Model-driven development using the Fiber Framework and Flash Builder 4

Adobe Flex 4.5 Mobile Development

Flex Mobile Development is a 2-day course that provides Flex 4 or 4.5 developers with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to start building mobile applications for Android, iOS and Tablet OS. The primary focus of the course is smart phone development, but also includes introductory information for deploying to tablets. Emphasized topic include:

  • Introducing mobile components
  • Navigating a mobile Flex application
  • Working with data
  • Creating item renderers in ActionScript
  • Skinning with ActionScript
  • Creating application for different screen densities
  • Working with the Camera API
  • Preparing applications for iOS deployment
  • Preparing applications for Tablet OS deployment

Adobe Flex Level 1

  • Introducing the Course
  • Introducing Adobe Flash Builder 4.5
  • Understanding Flash Builder 4.5 Fundamentals
  • Introducing Object Oriented Programming
  • Understanding Components and Layouts
  • Handling Events
  • Using the Form Container
  • Validating and Formatting Data
  • Controlling Navigation
  • Controlling Application State
  • Animating Components and States
  • Controlling Visual Display with Styling
  • Skinning Spark Components
  • Implementing Advanced Skinning Techniques
  • Accessing Remote Data
  • Creating a Typed Data Model
  • Extending Events
  • Rendering Content with the DataGroup Container
  • Displaying Data Using the DataGrid
  • Deploying Flex and AIR Applications

Adobe Flex Level 2

  • Introducing the Course
  • Accessing Web Services
  • Using Remote Object Connections
  • Managing Data on the Client
  • Using the Message Service
  • Using Flash Builder Development Tools
  • Developing applications using model driven development
  • Implementing Advanced Model Driven Development Techniques

Adobe Flex Mobile Development

  • Introducing the Course
  • Introducing Flex for Mobile Development
  • Introducing mobile components
  • Navigating a Mobile Flex Application
  • Working with Data
  • Creating Item Renderers in ActionScript
  • Programming Multi-Density Application
  • Working with the AIR Camera API