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AEM Developer Comprehensive

Adobe AEM course

Duration: 5 Days


Adobe Experience Manager is the top of the line Enterprise Web Content Management system that forms the heart of Adobe’s end to end digital marketing solution Adobe Marketing Cloud. This course aims at enabling developers with AEM architecture and development knowledge to start working on production projects.

Target Audience

Developers from existing CMS background, Java Developers, Freshers out of College with prior Java/OOP knowledge.


Experience/Knowledge of OOP preferably Java. Basics of HTML, JS, CSS.

Course Objectives

Enable developers to work on production projects, develop Sightly and JSP components, OSGi Bundles, Workflows, AEM deployment related principles.

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to AEM
  • AEM Installation
  • AEM Deployment and run modes
  • AEM Architecture
  • Working with Replication and Reverse Replication Agents
  • Dispatcher Introduction
  • AEM Consoles
  • Content Repository Fundamentals
  • REST Framework: Apache Sling
  • Package Manager

Day 2

  • AEM Templates and Pages
  • Creating JSP based Templates
  • Introduction to Sightly
  • Sightly Syntax and Fundamentals
  • Development using Brackets IDE
  • Sightly Template Design
  • Creating site structure
  • Extending the page component
  • Adding designs
  • Using Foundation components
  • Dynamic Navigation using JSP and Sightly
  • Creating Dialogs
  • Design Dialogs

Day 3

  • Creating Image Components
  • Using clientlibs
  • Using jQuery in component development
  • Development best practices
  • Sling based form submission
  • Working with Sling POST handler
  • CSRF integration
  • Creating a complex component

Day 4

  • Setting up AEM Project with Maven
  • Log Management with AEM
  • OSGi Bundle development
  • OSGi Annotations
  • OSGi Services
  • OSGi Configurations
  • OSGi Design Patterns
  • Sling Servlets
  • Sling Filters
  • Sling Events
  • Sling Scheduler

Day 5

  • Understanding newer API
  • Workflows
  • Custom Workflow Step
  • User Management with AEM
  • Using AEM with Mongo DB
  • A note on Topology Management
  • Dev Tools and Tricks
  • AEM performance analysis
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