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AEM: Digital Asset Management Dev.

Adobe AEM course

Duration: 2 Days


This two-day course is designed for developers who are looking for in-depth knowledge of AEM Digital Asset management tool. AEM works with WebDAV client, Creative cloud, and Scene 7. In this course, participants will learn to configure these tools, and utilize them to give a better web-solution to end users. This course thoroughly demonstrates how users across an organization can manage, store, and access images, videos, documents, audio clips, and rich media such as Flash files for use on the web, in print, and for digital distribution.

Target Audience

AEM Developer or equivalent

Course Objectives

The objective of this course is to help students master the AEM Digital Asset Management tool. Topics covered:

  • DAM Terminology
  • Uploading Assets with the DAM Admin UI
  • Update DAM Asset Worflow
  • WebDAV Client
  • Adobe Drive
  • DAM Content Finder, Admin Search, Asset Share
  • Metadata Schemas
  • DAM Workflow steps
  • Media Handlers
  • Using Touch UI to manipulate assets
  • Assets synchronization between AEM DAM and Creative Cloud
  • Scene7 integration
  • Performance optimization and monitoring

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Introduction to AEM DAM
  • Uploading digital assets
  • Organizing and managing digital assets
  • Using WebDAV
  • Finding and viewing digital assets
  • Metadata for Digital Asset Management
  • DAM Workflows

Day 2

  • DAM Media handlers
  • Managing assets with the Touch UI
  • AEM DAM Proxy
  • Integration with Creative Cloud
  • Integration with Scene7
  • DAM Performance Guide
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