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AEM: Multi Site Manager

Adobe AEM course

Duration: 2 Days


Mobile channels have gained considerable importance in the last few years, mainly driven by the success of the iPhone. This training will instruct students on how to build a mobile website with AEM, including mobile development best practices and specific AEM techniques to allow content reuse and optimization through the different devices.


  • AEM Developer training
  • Familiarity with the AEM environment

Course Objectives

This training will review the key topics of Multi Site Management. Participants who complete
this course will:
• Understand Live Copies
• Know how to use the Site Wizard
• Understand the functions of the Blueprint Control Center
• Be familiar with background Rollouts and Rollout configurations
• Have edited existing Live Copy configurations
• Understand diff-view in components

Course Outline

Day 1

  • Live Copies
  • Site wizard
  • Blueprint Control Center
  • Background Rollouts
  • Translation
  • Roll-out configurations

Day 2

  • Live Copy within a Live Copy
  • Chaining of Live Copies
  • Tracking success of Rollouts
  • Editing existing Live Copy configurations
  • Custom sync actions: Implementing synchronization actions
  • Diff -view in components from a developer’s view

Who can attend this?

This training will review the most important topics regarding Multi Site Management, providing both an author and a developer perspective of the tasks that need to be mastered in order to successfully support multinational, multi-language and multi-channel scenarios.

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