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Apache Jackrabbit Deep Dive


Duration: 1 Day


The course covers JCR standards, repository model, and architecture of
Jackrabbit. Following are the topics included:

  • Jackrabbit architecture, components, and tools
  • Deployment and configuration
  • Node types and data modeling
  • Key API elements (Repository, Session, Node)
  • Versioning, observation, and security
  • Search
  • Persistency
  • Performance and other practical tips


  • Basic knowledge of Content Repository and Content Management Systems
  • Basic programming experience in any project that uses Apache Jackrabbit

Course Objectives

Participants will learn about JCR standards and the repository model, as well the components and architecture of Jackrabbit. In addition, participants will practice how to get a reference to a JCR repository, how to perform basic operations using the JCR, and how to use the Versioning, Observation, and Security APIs. The course also covers Jackrabbit implementation, query statements, and the role of Jackrabbit persistence.

Course Outline

  • JCR Introduction
  • Apache Jackrabbit
  • Jackrabbit Bootstrap
  • Node Types
  • Versioning, Observation, Security
  • Jackrabbit Search
  • Persistence
  • Performance/Practical Tips

Who can attend this?

This training is addressed to all developers who are working with any project or product using Apache Jackrabbit in the content repository layer. This training is not exclusively dedicated to AEM developers.

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