Become ACA in Flash
Duration: 48 hours


The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certification is Adobe’s entry-level digital design credential. An ACA certificate validates that an individual has the basic skills to plan, design, build and maintain effective communications using a specific form of digital media. A learning plan featuring Adobe ACA certification(s) can help prepare candidates for a range of creative careers, such as graphic designer or web developer.


This course is aimed at designers who are new to Flash and want to get to grips with the user interface and learn the basics of animation and interactivity. This class takes you past the basics and you will learn to work more heavily with interactive content and development workflow. At the end of the class you will also take the accredited Adobe ACA exam in Flash to become a Flash Adobe Certified Associate.

To gain the most from this class, students should be familiar with Windows or Mac OS X and be familiar with the web and its terminology. This class is for beginners. As long as you can use a mouse and are familiar with the web and its terminology.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Setting project requirements
    • Identify the purpose, audience, and audience needs for rich media content
    • Identify rich media content that is relevant to the purpose of the media in which it will be used (websites, mobile devices, and so on)
    • Understand options for producing accessible rich media content
    • Demonstrate knowledge of standard copyright rules (related terms, obtaining permission, and citing copyrighted material)
    • Understand project management tasks and responsibilities
    • Communicate with others (such as peers and clients) about design and content plans
  • Unit 2: Identifying Rich Media design elements
    • Identify general and Flash-specic best practices for designing rich media content for the web, mobile apps, and AIR applications
    • Demonstrate knowledge of design elements and principles
    • Identify general and Flash-specic techniques to create rich media elements that are accessible and readable
    • Use a storyboard to produce rich media elements
    • Organize a Flash document
  • Unit 3: Understanding Adobe Flash CS6 interface
    • Identify elements of the Adobe Flash interface
    • Use the Timeline
    • Adjust document properties
    • Use Adobe Flash guides and rulers
    • Use the Motion Editor
    • Understand Flash le types
    • Identify best practices for managing the le size of a published
    • Adobe Flash document
  • Unit 4: Building rich media elements
    • Make rich media content development decisions based on your analysis and interpretation of design specifications
    • Use tools on the Tools panel to select, create, and manipulate graphics and text
    • Import and modify graphics
    • Create text
    • Adjust text properties
    • Create objects and convert them to symbols, including graphics, movie clips, and buttons
    • Understand symbols and the library
    • Edit symbols and instances
    • Create masks
    • Create animations (changes in shape, position, size, color, and transparency)
    • Add simple controls through ActionScript 3.0
    • Import and use sound
    • Add and export video
    • Publish and export Adobe Flash documents
    • Make a document accessible
  • Unit 5: Evaluating rich media elements
    • Conduct basic technical tests
    • Identify techniques for basic usability tests

Project: Interactive Game (Duration: 30 hours)

ACA at your School or College

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Industry-recognized credentials for both teachers and students.

Important Certification for effective teachers.

Educators around the world are using Adobe software to energize their students and improve their skills. As the most important industry credential, ACA elevates a teacher’s stature in the classroom and boosts confidence in their own expertise. Instructors with Adobe Certification also serve as a model for students to develop their own marketable skills through Adobe Certification.

Valuable credentials for job seeking students.

In today’s information-based economy, demand for digital communications skills is enormous and growing rapidly. With Adobe Certification, students stand out from the crowd when competing for jobs. Hiring managers will know the candidate’s creativity is backed by solid knowledge that allows them to work more efficiently.