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CEO’s Interview on Pitch OnNet

March 22, 2013

Himanshu Mody

A professional in today’s market has immense competition from peers, not only in the field of aptitude but also competency and skill. The basic Word, Excel, PowerPoint are passé, employers look for high end technical and digital proficiency in an employee. Be it IT, Sales, marketing or even writing, the sense of creative design and resourcefulness with softwares like Adobe Dreamweaver, HTML5, Adobe Flash and the CS6 has become a necessity. Tekno Point, an institution that was founded 12 years back is providing training, content creation and consulting solution to B2B brands to train their professionals in the ways of creative design. In an interview with Pitch, Himanshu Mody, Founder and CEO, Tekno Point, Pitch delves deeper into what the company is all about.

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