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HTML5 – Most sought after technology skill for 2013

May 04, 2013

So, 2013 is halfway through, and many of us are still wondering what technology skills to upgrade on to move on to the next level. Based on various surveys and different sources of data, the following top 7 technologies is the most sought after skills by organizations across the globe.


7. Cloud Computing is on the 7th position, with virtualization & Platform-as-a-service (PaaS) skills are being looked out for by organizations that are hiring developers.


6. IT Project Management – If you are of the non-developer, non-designer variety who is looking to make it big in the IT industry, IT Project Management skills are at the Top 6th position in the most sought after skills.


5. Javascript (and related technologies) – Since the advent of HTML5, all interactive content on the web has been implemented using JavaScript & jQuery. If you are already on the HTML5 bandwagon, you should seriously consider polishing your javascript skills to go to the next level.


4. Java / J2EE – The demand for Java skills has been consistent over the years. The demand is expected to be better in 2013.


3. PHP / MySQL – The open source scripting language runs on more than 20 million websites and powers high-profile sites we deal with every day, including Facebook and Wikipedia. It is the back-bone for majority of the content that runs on the web.


2. iOS Development – Most sources that track job talent demand including, rank iOS development or related skills like Xcode and Objective-C programming very highly. As Apple’s sales in both tablets and smartphones has exploded, so too has the demand for developers who can build apps for the iOS ecosystem.


1. HTML5 / CSS – With the advent of the consumer and content focused era of the web, coupled with the tablets and mobile devices explosion everything on the web is being consumed across all all the devices. HTML5 ‘s big advances, along with CSS is making everything look nice and adding interactive functionality with JavaScript. This combination has been blurring the lines between web and native apps for devices.


No. 1 Job Trend in the market


There is a very strong demand for HTML5/CSS as it is the most sought after skill for 2013.


We at Tekno Point believe that upgrading to new technologies as they come, is the key to staying ahead of the curve and build a more than successful career. We have been working on building HTML5 skills for IT professionals for over a year with our various courses on HTML5, CSS3 & jQuery. The most focused course that we offer is the ‘Become a HTML5 Specialist’ course for everyone who wish to upgrade themselves and make the most out of this opportunity. To know more about this course, go here.


You can read the complete report on the most sought after skills for 2013 here.

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