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Mbali Manana, Digital Strategist at KPMG South Africa

July 2, 2016

I took the Adobe Digital Analyst and Adobe Reports & Analytics User courses with Himanshu. Having taken courses with other instructors, I cannot express my appreciation enough for Himanshu's knowledge on the subject- he delivered the course with such clarity, understanding and a real interest in our development. His ability to pace the learning and manage the cl ass it so that we all achieved maximum benefit is no small feat. Extremely impressed by his level of professionalism and am inspired to continue learning with him.

Can't thank you enough Himanshu.

Christine Goh, Vice President, Regional e-Business – Strategy, Sales & Marketing (Consumer Banking Group)

July 2, 2016

You know your training objectives will be achieved when the assigned trainer asks the right business questions and tries to understand the trainees' needs. Mody is an expert in his field for Adobe Analytics reporting and implementation. I enjoyed working with him for DBS Adobe Analytics training series. His detailed extensive preparation for my training series, and the passion he displayed, gave me much confidence and assurance. I would highly recommend Mody for Adobe Analytics related training for your corporation's needs.

Shivanandana Hegde, Analytics Advisory Specialist at Accenture

July 2, 2016

Himanshu has a very composed and serene way of training people. His knowledge on Adobe Marketing cloud (especially Adobe analytics) is immense. He also makes sure to answer each and every queries that his trainees have. I was glad to have attended the training conducted by him.

Firoz Jamadar, Rich Media Manager, Zapak Entertainment Ltd

August 8, 2013

I am a Multimedia Designer and working as an Interactive and Rich Media Manager with Zapak Entertainment Ltd. I joined "HTML 5 for Beginners" course to know the new features and advance interactions possible in HTML5 to keep my designing skill updated. My learning experience of "HTML 5 for Beginners" with Tekno Point was excellent. I really enjoyed interactive training sessions. Credit goes to my trainer. Course Material was good enough for selected course. Now I am very much clear and confident about upcoming technologies in web design, fluid layouts, responsive designs etc. Thank You Tekno Point!

Shadman Ahmed

May 29, 2013

Being from the design background I have always realized the potential of web design and development. And with this increase of HTML5 adaptation the web design industry is heading to a new direction.

I felt the need to learn HTML and that too HTML5 and CSS3. I looked for institutes and found Tekno Point through Google. Being a perfectionist.. I scrutinized the website and found it to be pretty decent, clean and very well aligned (which is never the case mostly).

That prompted me to call this institute as I found their website pretty nice in terms of functionality. I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience and training and I wish I could restart only for the experience. Great curriculum and good course material.

Manish Advani

May 16, 2013

The trainers at Tekno Point customizes the solutions as per the needs of a working professional in a real time environment.  They have in depth knowledge and shares the same with the trainee thereby making the learning exercise an enriching experience.They are thorough professionals who keeps things simple. Overall, a great learning experience!!

Amrita Bhagat

May 16, 2013

The learning experience was good. As the batches were small , attention was given to each and every student. Any problems related to the course were addressed immediately.

Sheetal Rane, Indigo Consulting

May 16, 2013

The course offered by Tekno Point is quite good. By simply searching the concepts on web, we were not able to cover all the topics by ourselves & understand the concept clearly. But after our company decided to undertake this training, we were quite satisfied & able to find ways to do the things effectively and also understand the basic concepts. It was a great experience.

Shabbirali Masi

May 16, 2013

Being a fresher and a student, I wanted to start my career in Designing and found Tekno Point really good. I have learned a lot here. The training methodology is amazing. I am satisfied with the overall training process.

Siddharth Samant, Absolute Infotech Pvt Ltd

May 16, 2013

Tekno Point was a great learning experience for me. I have been using Photoshop for past one year, but at Tekno Point, I learnt proper technical ways of working on photoshop, various shortcuts and other tips and tricks. I can now complete my designs with faster speeds and accuracy.
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